Beaneditor is a tool for collecting and mashing online content. The software is written in simple PHP and is free to use and modify in any way you want.

Why Beaneditor?

We will always live in filter bubbles. The question is who is doing the filtering? We don’t want non-transparent corporations to bring us the “top news”.  Instead, it is much more preferable to rely on trusted human editors.


  • …puts the human being in the editor role again, and takes the power back from non-transparent algorithms controlled by corporations.
  • …decentralizes content, by copying instead of linking and embedding.
  • …connects the web to the AFK-world, by making the edited content printable.
  • …is designed with future high resolution tablet PC:s and e-ink devices in mind.

We are tired of clicking and waiting, clicking and waiting, clicking and waiting, , clicking and waiting… We want the web to be as easy to read as our old newspapers. And we think we – the humans – should be the editors doing the filtering.